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Court orders DNA test of to prove Anna Nicole's daughter's paternity
Washington | March 21, 2007 12:11:19 PM IST

A judge in the Bahamas has ordered DNA tests of late model Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, to find out her paternity.

The judge directed the former 'Playboy' playmate's partner, Howard K. Stern, to submit his DNA sample for testing along with that of the baby girl.

Experts conducting the examination will also test Anna Nicole's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead's DNA.

The model's DNA samples had already been taken after her tragic demise, and are currently stored in a bag.

According to TMZ, the results of the DNA test may be out later this week.

Birkhead is very excited about the tests because if they confirm that he is the biological father of Dannielynn, the court may give the baby's custody. (ANI)

Mel Gibson Wants Paternity Test

Mel Gibson has demanded that his pregnant girlfriend take a paternity test. The Braveheart star is keen to determine if he really is the father of Oksana Grigorieva’s unborn baby. “Mel really loves Oksana, but he’s a businessman, too. He really had no choice but to ask for a DNA test,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Gibson, 53, apparently agreed to seek a DNA test after his grown children and close friends persuaded him to make sure the baby is a rightful heir to his estimated $1 billion fortune. “Some of Mel’s closest friends in his church convinced him that it’s the practical thing to do. There’s just too much at stake,” the insider added. “Mel doesn’t believe that Oksana has been with anyone else, but after hearing misgivings from his children and friends, he decided he had no choice. Oksana wasn’t happy about it, but once her baby is born, there will be a paternity test. Mel was sick and tired of the questions about Oksana’s loyalty, but it finally got to him,” adds the source, referring to rumors that Oksana had been seeing her ex, award-winning music-producer David Foster. “He didn’t want to bring up the subject of a DNA test to her, but he realized he had no choice. Some members of Mel’s family believe Oksana is a gold digger. It’s hard for Mel to hear that. He says he’s agreed to the DNA test not for himself, but for his family.”

Men in doubt of paternity should bear all DNA costs, says court

New Delhi A city court has held in a recent order that in case a man disputes the fatherhood of his child, he cannot ask his wife to share the cost of a paternity test.
Deciding a revision petition on the issue of cost-sharing, Additional Sessions Judge Deepak Garg held that if a man questions his fatherhood, he has to pay for the DNA tests and other such medical provisions himself. There will be no liability on his wife, the court ruled.

The case involved a couple who had filed for separation. When the wife sought maintenance for herself and her three daughters in a petition filed before a magistrate, the husband challenged the fatherhood of the youngest daughter and said he could not be held liable for paying alimony towards her maintenance. Allowing his application, the magistrate, in July, had asked the woman to share the cost of DNA test. The couple was asked to appear before the Medical Superintendent of the AIIMS to get paternity test done on the child.

Aggrieved, the woman then moved the Sessions court to seek quashing of the order.

Differing from the magistrate’s order, Additional Sessions Judge Deepak Garg took into account relevant provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act and observed that any child born to a married couple is presumed to be legitimate and any party questioning the same has to bear the sole onus of rebutting the presumption. “Admittedly, the child was born after the marriage of the parties and hence there is presumption in favour of the legitimacy of the child,” the judge ruled.

“If the respondent is disputing the legitimacy of the child in question, the entire cost of DNA test should be borne by the party challenging the same.”

The court also pulled up the magistrate for not passing appropriate directions to AIIMS, where doctors were to conduct the paternity test, and sent back the court records with a directive to issue correct instructions.

Attorney: Paternity test shows James Brown fathered boy

An attorney says a DNA test confirms James Brown fathered the son of a woman who claimed to be the singer's wife when he died.
Peter Shahid, an attorney for James Brown II, said Friday that the boy was tested in April before a South Carolina judge ordered a paternity test.

The results of the court-ordered test have not been released. The boy is the 6-year-old son of Tomi Rae Hynie, a former backup singer for the " Godfather of Soul."

Trustees handling Brown's estate have suggested that Hynie was not legally married to Brown and that her boy is not his son. They were not mentioned in Brown's will.

A call to a spokesman for Hynie and a message left for Brown's trustees were not returned.

Brown died in December 2006.

“Who’s The Daddy?” - At Home Paternity Test Has The Answer

Mail in DNA paternity tests, the new over the counter addition to the already overflowing market of conception and pregnancy related products; have sparked a new rage in the masses. The product gets a warm welcome into an overly eager market.

Rite Aid is the nations leading drug store chain and has 4,363 stores in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

In contrast to the hassles of the past which required involvement of doctors ,lawyers, permissions, months of waiting, public humiliation and hundreds of dollars down the drain, the new present day tests are not only easily available, light on the pocket but, also allow the user to follow a simple ‘do it yourself’ procedure, reducing dependency to the minimum.

With a DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit, participants of the test collect a DNA sample by rubbing a swab inside their mouth. The samples, along with consent forms and a lab fee are sent in an enclosed postage-paid return envelope to the lab for processing. Results are available from the lab within three to five business days of receipt. Customers can choose to receive results by mail, email, or online through a secured Web service. All information remains strictly confidential.

Paternity testing is nothing new. However, the increased convenience of getting the kits is attracting some parents who secretly want confirmation. With more than one-third of all children born out of wedlock, according to National Center for Health Statistics 2003 data, determining paternity is a growing concern.

Further more, the fact that the Consent of both the partners is not necessary, is making the test even more popular. Customers who want to take or give the test secretly can find a used tissue, cotton swab or bandage with dried blood on it – just about anything that contains separate DNA samples, and the task is done.

In a society where the dynamics of relationships is undergoing a fast change and the institution of marriage is often being challenged, it is common to hear stories about how women have to chase men for child support and how many men too are being treated unfairly. It is here that the test helps and it is here, that it finds firm ground.

With society, morals and relationships changing, products like these are bound to be invented and bound to be welcomed by one and all.

Confirming Father

25 Sep 2005, 0240 hrs IST, Ketan Tanna, TNN

A moment that most men fear. Even married men. The unemotional announcement of the woman, “I think I am pregnant”. But there are men who see a long plot when they hear it.

Like the 29-year-old resident of Hyderabad who could not believe that after five years of failed efforts to make an issue, his wife could be suddenly carrying his child. His sperm count was low, doctors had told him that.

After several sleepless nights during which he searched for peace on Google, he discovered that the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad could conduct a paternity test and solve the mystery for him.

To the officials there, he mumbled, "I do not think the baby is mine." They said that he should wait after the child has been delivered. When the baby turned three months old, the mother agreed to let her child’s blood prove her innocence. The tests absolved her.

Today, there are several men and their curious parents who are overtly and covertly seeking assistance from a handful of forensic and private laboratories in the country. Suspected infidelity is not always the only provocation. Some fear baby swap, not an uncommon occurrence in Indian hospitals.

Also, there are valid fears that fertility clinics, after having failed to help a woman conceive, inseminate her with a frozen sperm to appear successful. A paternity test that costs anywhere from Rs 3,000 to several thousands is bringing peace of mind or the peace of a shocking conclusion.

The test compares a child’s DNA pattern with the alleged father’s. Saliva, hair, blood and other body components contain imprints of our parentage. For effective tests, labs demand that both parents give their samples along with the child's. For instance, Hyderabad's CCMB insists that samples come from both man and wife.

The hospital website asks parents who conceive after infertility treatment, artificial insemination and assisted reproduction to go for tests to rule out the "possibility of intentional or unintentional mix-ups".

Private labs like Hiranandani do not have the resources and legal sanctions that government forensic labs have to perform the tests. They collect saliva samples of the parents and the child on cotton swabs, which are dried and sent in an air-tight pouch to Chicago.

Results are available after two to three weeks. But such tests do not have a legal standing yet. In 1993, when simple blood grouping tests instead were the norm to ascertain paternity, a landmark judgment was passed by the Supreme Court. The child maintenance case involved one Goutam Kundu who disputed that he was the father.

His wife had gone home to give her higher secondary exams, during which period she claimed she was pregnant. Kundu questioned the paternity of the child and asked her to abort. She refused. The couple separated but the wife demanded child maintenance from her husband.

To counter this claim, Kundu asked for a blood grouping test to support his claim that his wife had not delivered his child. But Justices A M Ahmadi and S Mohan ruled that since the purpose of his application was to avoid paying maintenance, the request cannot be accepted.

They also quoted a section of the Evidence Act of 1872 that naively states that "if a person was born during the continuance of a valid marriage between his mother and any other man or within 280 days after its dissolution and the mother remains unmarried, it shall be taken as a conclusive proof that he is the legitimate son of that man, unless it can be shown that the parties to the marriage had no access to each other at any time when the child could have been begotten."

Ten years later, in 2003, by which time DNA testing had permeated the society, SC took a different view in the Sharda Vs Dharmpal divorce case. It said that a Family Court had the power to order a person to undergo medical test, the nature of which was not specified, but an interpretation includes DNA paternity test.

The fact that the results of DNA testing can be a weapon in court and would drag doctors to the witness box, is a reason why some medical practitioners avoid being associated with such tests.

"We are doctors. We cannot run every other day from clinic to court," says Dr Hema Purandare of the Centre for Genetic Health.

Interestingly, she points out, many requests for tests come from the lower middle to poor classes, who somehow manage to gather money for the tests.

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